Charles Rea


Origin of Rank, ed. 3/75, 2014
Giclee Print
20 x 16 in.

CCharles Rea has been an important player in the Vancouver painting scene for more than twenty years. Introduced in the Vancouver Art Gallery group show “The Young Romantics” in 1985, Rea’s art practice has since followed many diverse paths, making use of varying, often unconventional materials. On a fundamental level, Rea’s works can be interpreted as explorations of space and structure, each series becoming the physical manifestation of the artists’ meditation on a distinct perspective. By observing how Rea chooses to construct his compositions, his representation of depth and distance, positive and negative space, a feeling of disorientation can be identified. Ultimately, each piece prompts a response from the viewer to maintain equilibrium in what results as a subtly disconcerting visual experience.

Charles Rea attended the Vancouver School of Art in 1979. He has exhibited extensively and is included in many private and corporate collections, including the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Canada Council Art Bank. Recently his work has been exhibited extensively across Canada. His most recent exhibition, entitled Parataxis, was a group show that took place at Winsor Gallery in 2013.