Patrick Hughes


Amsterdam, 2015
Hand-painted multiple with archival inkjet
17.7 x 20.9 x 6.3 in., SOLD


Solo Exhibitions
Reverspective, The Gallery at Dauntsey’s, West Lavington, Wiltshire
Perspectivision, Flowers Gallery, Cork Street, London
Views of Hughes: Selected Mulitples, Winsor Gallery, Vancouver
Forwards to Backwards, Leeds College of Art, Leeds

Hues of Hughes, Winsor Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Hughesual Perspective, Galerie Boisseree, Germany
Art Paris, Paris Art Fair, Grand Palais, France
Opperspective, Scott Richards Contemporary Fine Art, San Francisco
Patrick Hughes: Perspective Anew, Flowers Gallery, New York
Patrick Hughes: Moving Spaces, Osthaus M

A New Perspective, Flowers Gallery, London
Moving Spaces, Panorama Mesdag, The Hague, Netherlands
Studiolospective, Flowers Gallery, New York
Patrick Hughes, Gallery 360, Northeastern University, Boston
Reverspectives, Axel Pairon Gallery, Belgium

Reverspective Paintings, Deutsch Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland
The Structure of Space, Galerie Boisserée, Cologne, Germany
Superspectivism, Flowers Gallery, Cork Street, London
Deceptivespective, Scott Richards Contemporary Art, San Francisco

Perspectivariations, Winsor Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Smallerspectives, Flowers, New York
50 Years in Show Business, Flowers Galleries, London

A Retrospective, Flowers Gallery, London
Perspective and Perception, Flowers Galleries, New York
The Brain, Universeum, Göteberg
Reversepectives, Galerie Vieleers, Amsterdam
Peter Blake & Friends, Opus Fine Art, Newcastle

What a Relief, Flowers, London
Patrick Hughes, Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Seoul
Perspectives, Hyatt Regency Hotel, London
Personal Agenda, Flowers, New York

Patrick Hughes and Mark Mizgala, Winsor Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Paintings for 50 Years, Portal Gallery, London
Visual Deception, Touring Nagoya City Art Museum, Nagoya
Art & Illusions, Palazzo St Rozzi, Florence
The Brain, Experimentarium Museum, Copenhagen

Superspectivision, Scott Richards Contemporary Arts, San Francisco
Perspectivirtuoso, Flowers East, London
Reverspective versus Perspective, Metivier Gallery, Toronto
Galerie Boisserée Frususgasse, Kéln, Germany

Prints In Between, Flowers East, London
Louis K. Meisel Gallery, NY
Perspective Perpetuélle, Gallery 50, Paris
Grand Canals, Flowers Central, London

Permanentspective, Flowers East, London
Park Ryu Sook Gallery, Seoul
Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham
American Institute of Physics, New York

Escaperspective, Keller & Greene, California
Imperspective, Mendelson Gallery, Pittsburgh
Impossible, Flowers Graphics, London
Perplexspective, Flowers, New York

Doors Etc, Flowers, New York
Art Chicago, Chicago
Galerie Vieleers, Amsterdam
Midlands Art Centre, Michigan
Dreaming, Flowers East, London
The Freud Museum , London
Dennos Museum Center, Traverse City, Michigan
Louis K. Meisel Gallery, New York

Percepspective, Artower, Athens
Experspective, Flowers West, Santa Monica
Park Ru Sook Gallery, Korea
Mira Godard, Toronto, Canada
Patrick Hughes Multiples, Flowers Graphics, London

Ripperspective, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Birmingham
Belloc Lowndes, Chicago
Russeck Gallery, San Francisco, California

Properspective, Flowers East, London
Park Ru Sook Gallery, Korea
Flowers Central, London
Recent Works, Louis K Meisel, New York
Hyperspective, Flowers West, Santa Monica

Louis K Meisel, New York
Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago
Belloc Lowndes Fine Art, Chicago
Improperspective, Flowers West, Santa Monica, California
Mira Goddard Gallery, Toronto, Canada

The Movies, Flowers West, Santa Monica, USA
Deeperspective, Flowers East at London Fields, London

Perspectivity, Flowers West, Santa Monica, Los Angeles
Perverspective, Flowers East at London Fields, London
Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow

Deutsche Museum, Munich, Germany
Lexus Centre, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Reverspective, Flowers East at London Fields, London

Superspectives, Flowers East at London Fields, London
Patrick Hughes at Susan Kasen Summers, New York

Belloc Lowndes Fine Art, Chicago

Vanishing Points, City Art Galleries, Manchester
Retroperspectives, Flowers East at London Fields, London

Made in Perspective, Flowers East at London Fields, London
The Shadow of War and Other Works, Flowers East, London

Beyond the Rainbow, Flowers East, London

Worthing Museum and Art Gallery
Northern Centre for Contemporary Art, Sunderland
Flowers East, London

Flowers East, London

Fifteen Years of Prints 1973-1988, Flowers East, London

Angela Flowers Gallery, London
50 Watercolours, Dean Clough Art Gallery, Halifax

Studio Show, London (Watercolours)
Salthouse Gallery, St. Ives, Cornwall

Angela Flowers Gallery, London
Studio Show, London (Watercolours)

Angela Flowers Gallery, London
Edward Weston Galleries, New York
Hereford City Art Gallery, Hereford

Mendelson Gallery, Pittsburgh, USA
Gallery 39, Manchester

Alberta College of Art, Canada
Angela Flowers Gallery, London

Penwith Galleries, St. Ives, Cornwall
Limited Editions, London

Angela Flowers Gallery, London
Tom Caldwell Gallery, Dublin
Gallery 39, Manchester

Newlyn Orion Galleries, Newlyn

Jordan Gallery, London
Wills Lane Gallery, St. Ives, Cornwall

Angela Flowers Gallery, London

Angela Flowers Gallery, London

Angela Flowers Gallery, London

Hanover Gallery, London

Portal Gallery, London

Portal Gallery, London
King Street Gallery, Cambridge

Group Exhibitions
Concurrent 20/20, Winsor Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Visual Deception II: Into the Future, Touring exhibition, Japan

Three Surrealists, Flowers Gallery, Cork Street, London
The Brain, Vilvite, Bergen, Norway
Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Competition & Exhibition, Kings Place Gallery, London

Is It or Isn't It? Contemporary Tromp L'oeil, Bernardussi Meisel Gallery, New York
The Brain, Continium Museum, Kerkade, Netherlands
Small is Beautiful XXIX, Flowers, Cork Street, London
London Trilogy, Del Pino Gallery, Korea
Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, Alloway, Ayrshire, Scotland
Angela Flowers 80th, Flowers Gallery, Kingsland Road, London
Luminiere & Geometries, Galerie Lelia Mordoch, Paris, France
Perspectivariations, Winsor Gallery, Vancouver, BC

Respective Perspectives, Drumcoon Gallery, Greater Manchester

Winsor Gallery, Vancouver, BC
Alice au Pays des Merveilles, Galerie Meila Mordoch Stand, Paris

Winsor Gallery, Vancouver BC
Vancouver Biennale, Vancouver BC

Winsor Gallery, Vancouver BC
Lélia Mordoch Gallery, Paris
Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Lancashire, UK
Meisel Gallery, NY

Small is Beautiful, Flowers Central, London

Realism 2006, Galerie Vieleers, Amsterdam

Contemporary British Art, The Millinary Works Gallery, London
Foster Art Collection, Foster Art, London
Angela Flowers Gallery 35th Anniversary Exhibition, Flowers East, London
Genialmente, Arte e Cervello, Trieste, Italy
Small is Beautiful, Flowers Central, London
Escaperspective, Keller & Greene Gallery, Los Angeles

Flowers West at Keller and Greene, California
Art Apartment, Flowers Central, London
Gallery Selections, Flowers, New York
Convincing Illusions, Louis K. Meisel Gallery, New York
Dreaming, Flowers East, London
Six Real Painters, Flowers Central, London
Small is Beautiful XXII, Flowers Central, London

The Post-Industrial Landscape, Czech Museum of Modern Art, Czech Republic
New British Art- Part 1, Flowers, New York
New British Art- Part 2, Flowers, New York
5th Anniversary Exhibition, Flowers West, California
ArtTower Agora, Athens, Greece
Small is Beautiful XXI: War and Peace, Flowers Central, London

Head On: Art with the Brain in Mind, Science Museum, London
32 Years of Angela Flowers Gallery, Flowers East, London
Flowers Central Nine, Flowers Central, London
East 2, Flowers East, London
Paint on Print, Flowers Graphics, London
Osuga / Hughes from Palm Beach, Flowers West, California
Small is Beautiful XX: Voyage , Flowers East, London
Near and Far, Louis K Meisel, New York
British Art Show, British Consulate, New York
Small is Beautiful XIX: Still Life, Flowers East, London
2000 Odapark, Venray, Netherlands
Angela Flowers Gallery 30th Anniversary Exhibition, Flowers East & West London
La College a la Collegiale, Collegiale Saint-Andre, Chartres
Ubu in the UK, Mayor Gallery, London
Artist's Choice, Flowers East, London
Landscape, Mira Goddard, Toronto
Small is Beautiful XVIII: Self Portrait, Flowers East, London
Flowers East at London Fields, London

Surrealism: Two Private Eyes, Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, New York
Perspective, Kunsthalle Budapest, Hungary
Small is Beautiful, Part XVII: Millennium, Flowers East at London Fields, London

Susan Duval Gallery, Aspen
Rene Magritte and Contemporary Art, Museum voor Moderne Kunst, Ostend

Angela Flowers Gallery 1997, Flowers East at London Fields, London
Angela Flowers (Ireland) Inc., Co. Cork
Print, Riverside Studios, London
Small is Beautiful Part XV: Death, Flowers East at London Fields, London

Angela Flowers (Ireland) Inc., Co. Cork
Patrick Hughes and Jeffery Edwards at the Riverside Studios, London
Small is Beautiful Part XIV: Sex, Flowers East at London Fields, London
The Print Show, Flowers Graphics, London

Patrick Hughes and Alison Watt at Riverside Studios, London
The Twenty Fifth Anniversary Exhibition, Flowers East at London Fields, London
Flowers at Koplin, Koplin Gallery, Los Angeles
Small is Beautiful Part XIII: Food and Drink, Flowers East, London

After Redoute, Flowers East, London
The Downeen Decade, Angela Flowers Gallery (Ireland) Inc., Co. Cork
Small is Beautiful Part XII: Night and Day, Flowers East at London Fields, London

But Big is Better, Flowers East, London
New Work, Flowers East at London Fields, London
Small is Beautiful Part XI: Homages, Flowers East, London

Artist's Choice, Flowers East, London
The Downeen Collection, Crawford Gallery, Cork
Brittle Winds, John Bonham Murray Feely Fine Art, London
British Art comes to St Helena, St Helena

Small is Beautiful Part VIII, Flowers East, London
Funny Looking, Liege, Belgium
Flowers East at Watermans, Watermans Art Centre, London
The Large Print Show, Jill George Gallery, London
Angela Flowers Gallery 1990, Barbican Concourse Gallery, London
A Permanent State of Lucidity, John Bonham Murray Feely Fine Art, London
Badge Art Two, Flowers East, London
Art 21 '90 Basle, Switzerland

Big Paintings, Flowers East, London
Angela Flowers (Ireland) Inc., Co. Cork, Ireland
Art LA '89, Los Angeles, USA
Drawn to Humour, Cleveland Gallery
A Tribute to Cubism, Blackman Harvey, London
Tricks and Transformations, City Museum and Art Gallery, Hanley

Surrealism is Dead: Long Live Surrealism, Crawshaw Gallery, London
Contemporary Portraits, Flowers East, London
Small is Beautiful Part VI, Flowers East, London
Freedom: A Celebration of Artists and Illustrators, Flowers East, London

Drawings Summer '87, Angela Flowers Gallery, London
On a Plate, Serpentine Gallery, London
Small is Beautiful Part IV: Landscape, Angela Flowers Gallery, London
Sixteen Artists, Process and Product, Turnpike Gallery, Leigh

Contrariwise, Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea
Flower Show, Stoke on Trent Museum and touring
Sixteen Artists: Sixteen Years, Angela Flowers Gallery, London
Humour in Art, Cleveland Art Gallery
Surrealist Revelation, James Birch Gallery, London

Big Paintings, Angela Flowers Gallery, London
A View from my Window, Angela Flowers Gallery, London
5th Tolly Cobbold/Eastern Arts, Cambridge

Trapping the Elusive, Gardner Arts Centre, University of Sussex and touring
The Monoprint Show, Angela Flowers Gallery, London
In The Spirit of Surrealism, Bradbury & Birch, London

6th International Biennale of Humour and Satire, Gabrova, Bulgaria
Images for Today, Brighton Polytechnic
Small is Beautiful Part III, Angela Flowers Gallery, London

Twelve by Twelve, Leicester Museum and Art Gallery
Snow, Angela Flowers Gallery, London
Coriander Studio, Thumb Gallery, London
Interiors, Curwen Gallery, London

5th Cleveland Drawing Biennale
Badges, Angela Flowers Gallery, London

Mixed Graphics, Aberbach Fine Art, London
6th International Print Biennale, Bradford
Flowers, Francis Kyle Gallery, London
Contemporary Art for Charterhouse Street, London
14 Artists' Portfolios, Graffiti, London
A Cold Wind Brushing the Temple, Arts Council of Great Britain
The British Art Show, Arts Council of Great Britain
The Transformation Review, Angela Flowers Gallery, London
Surrealism Unlimited, Camden Arts Centre, London
John Moores Exhibition, Liverpool

Third International Drawing Biennale, Middlesborough
Miniatures, Coracle Press, London
Crown Art Exhibition, Reed House, London
To The Lighthouse, Wills Lane Gallery, St. Ives, Cornwall
British Artists' Prints 1972-1977, Scandinavia

5th International Print Biennale, Bradford
An Octet from Angela Flowers, Gulbenkian Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Doors, Camden Arts Centre, London
Small is Beautiful Part II, Angela Flowers Gallery, London
Dartist, Newlyn Orion Galleries, Newlyn, Cornwall
Prints and Other Things, Wills Lane Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall

Chichester Open Exhibition
Drawing Biennale, Middlesborough
Dada after Dada, JPL Fine Arts, London
Envelopes, JPL Fine Arts, London
Collage, Angela Flowers Gallery, London

Bradford Print Biennale
British Painting, Hayward Gallery, London
Small Paintings, Angela Flowers Gallery, London

Drawing Biennale, Middlesborough
Angela Flowers 10, Arts Council Gallery, Edinburgh
Earnshaw and Hughes, Ferens Art Gallery, Hull

John Moores Exhibition, Liverpool

Postcards, Angela Flowers Gallery, London
1970 Ten Sitting Rooms, ICA, London
Lane Gallery, Bradford

Play Orbit, ICA, London
John Moores Exhibition, Liverpool

Apollinaire Show, ICA, London

Exeter Festival of Surrealism

Premio Lissone, Milan

John Moores Exhibition, Liverpool

New Approaches to the Figure, Arthur Jeffries, London
Drawing Towards Painting, Arts Council

John Moores Exhibition, Liverpool
Critic’s Choice, Tooth's Gallery, London


Select Public Collections

Arts Council of Great Britain
Apax Partners Holdings ltd
Birmingham Museums and Art Galleries
Brooklyn Museum
Deutsche Bank AG, London
Deutsche Bibliothek, Frankfurt
Centrica Plc
CNA Insurance, Chicago
Cox Insurance Holdings PLC
Denver Art Museum
Dudley Art Gallery
Ferens Art Gallery, Hull
Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow
Glasgow Museum and Art Gallery
Goldsmiths Hall
Goldman Sachs International
Hanjin Shipping Co., Seoul
Hereford City Art Gallery
Isle of Man Arts Council
J Walter Thompson
Jacksonville University, Florida
Kunstlicht in de Kunst
Leeds City Art Gallery
Leeds University
Leicestershire Educational Authority
Lloyds TSB Group plc, London
Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Wisconsin
Manchester City Art Gallery
Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University, North Carolina
Northeast University, Boston
Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery
Phillip Morris Collection, New York
Procter & Gamble, Surrey & Cincinatti
Rexifield CC, Woogin Group, Seoul
Royal National Institute for the Blind
Sheffield City Art Gallery
Swire Group, Hong Kong
Tate, London
The British Council
The British Library, London
The Contemporary Art Society
The Lousiana Museum, Denmark
Time Out Group, London
Victoria & Albert Museum
University of Edinburgh
University of Houston, Texas
University College of Wales, Aberystwyth
Westdeutsche Landesbank, London
Whitworth Art Gallery
Wolverhampton City Art Gallery
Würth Museum, Germany


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