Alexander Caldwell


7 Red Rings, 2013
Enamel on stainless steel
65 x 18 x 12 in., SOLD

Minimalism meets pop art in Alexander Caldwell’s playful, colour-saturated forms. In making these sculptures, found materials are often cast, multiplied, and combined to create bubbling or squiggling shapes. Caldwell determines each sculpture’s colour intuitively, based on how its shape absorbs and reflects light.
Caldwell’s impeccably flawless sculpture finish is rendered through repeated applications of automotive or oilfield paint. Both bulletproof and weatherproof, the paint masks the joins between each sculpture’s individual components, giving complete cohesion to each form.

The resulting sculptures are molecular or toy-like, and so densely vibrant that they seem to be not just coated in colour but made of it completely. Whether seeming to levitate against a wall or hover off the ground or a plinth, Caldwell’s sculptures become a skillful play on visual surprise and pleasure.

Alexander Caldwell was born in Whitehorse, Yukon. His work has been exhibited in Calgary, Miami, Chicago, Scotland, and Switzerland, and is collected publicly by institutions such as the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Disney Tokyo, the W Hotel Korea, and Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts. His work was recently featured in Calgary in the fall of 2016 as part of a group exhibition entitled “Five Artists”. Additionally, some of Caldwell’s new sculptures were recently revealed at the opening of a new dual exhibition at Winsor Gallery.