Colin Smith


56 Trolley, ed. 3/3, 2009
Pigment ink on archival paper
48 x 60 in.

Colin Smith is an award winning documentary photographer, whose work has been featured diversely through corporate collections, mainstream news and entertainment media, and campaigns by important aid organizations. Smith’s most critically-acclaimed body of work is his camera obscura series.

Created by completely blacking out a room and then allowing light in only through a pinhole sized opening, which floods the room with an upside-down projected image, Smith’s photographs are striking in their uncanny juxtaposition of interior and exterior. These works are a hybridized simulation, representing projected, reflected and photographically captured imagery, with multiple vantage points all expressed in a single shot.

Smith is currently working on two key features of his camera obscura series. The pieces in “A Room With A View” focus on motel rooms and their reflected respective Canadian Western landscapes, while his “Abandoned Landscape” works are strangely bucolic intrusions of vast wildernesses, and the ruined architecture found within them.

A graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design, Smith has been awarded first place in the Cenovus Art Competition, Outpost Magazine’s Travel Photographer of the Year, and Photo Life Magazine‘s Place Photo Contest. His work is in private, public, and corporate collections such as Cenovus Energy and CI Investments.