Alessandro Papetti


Bacino di Carenaggio, 2013
Oil on linen
54.3 x 35.4 in., SOLD

Born in Milan in 1958, Alessandro Papetti is an icon of contemporary Italian painting. Papetti’s sweeping, cinematic paintings are the result of a largely self-taught practice, and bear clear indications of his interest in Italian art history. Their subject matter sits between the monumental and the transient, depicting the cornerstones of industry – the port, the railway, the factory, and the city – alongside lunar figurative works that together expound upon the fragility and decadence of humankind.

Papetti’s fifteen-year career has seen him exhibit widely internationally, most notably at the Venice Biennale for both Italy and Cuba in 2011. In the summer of 2016, Papetti showcased a number of his new oil paintings in an exhibition at CIRCA Gallery in London England. Entitled, I Live Here, the exhibition is Papetti’s first in the UK and will include oil paintings as well as works on prepared paper. Many of the paintings were made at the Palazzo Poli in Rome where the artist was in residency leading up to his solo exhibition there in September 2015, while others were completed in his studio.

“The labour of vision takes precedence over all else. Italianite also is Papetti’s focus on space, leading one to think of the first artist to demonstrate the power of art to create a self-contained and self-sustaining universe: Tintoretto. The frenetic movement, ghostly perspective and supernatural sense of space so characteristic of the Venetian master have clearly left their mark on the young Milanese painter without, however, overpowering his personal and original view. He has, in short, mastered the configuration of his inner world, and achievement which is essential to the ontological transfiguration that endows with talismanic permanence the transitory detritus of our perishable selves and our world.”
-James Lord