Rimi Yang


Eternal Sun, 2013
Oil on canvas
48 x 48 in.

Born and raised in Japan, of Korean parents, and presently working in Los Angeles, Rimi Yang fuses her cosmopolitan, cultural experiences to boldly reinterpret European Masters. Yang’s aesthetic is the result of extensive training from notable institutions including the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy; Ohio’s Bowling Green State University the California State University and the Otis College of Art and Design in LA. She also studied Sumi-ink painting in Kyoto, Japan.

Yang has received much acclaim for her daring oils in New York, LA, and Atlanta. Renowned figures, such as Ingres’ “The Source” or Caravaggio’s “Santa Catarina”, are recognizable, but are redressed and resituated by Yang into deconstructed fields of colour and form. Using oil and a cold wax medium, her canvases are saturated with patches and strokes of color that vary in tone and brightness, giving each composition a sense of profound emotion and depth. Dark areas of color recede into the background, projecting lighter hues into the forefront to create a sense of movement and emotional power. Scratching of the painted canvas with patterns optically grounds the floating planes of color. The spontaneous nature of her process inspires unexpected occurrences, often allowing the paint to drip from the surface of the canvas. Her compositions are borne from a method of automatic painting in which she allows her feelings to take hold of her in the course of execution. In avoiding conscious renderings of a preconceived idea, Rimi responds to the emotions of the given moment, reaching within her soul for guided inspiration as she gives form to her thoughts with the use of tangible materials. .

Adhering to Joseph Campbell’s dictum that the best things in life are those you cannot explain, her paintings are intuitive and instinctive balancing acts of contrasts, abstraction and the figurative. Inherent in Rimi’s compositions is a sincere pathos fostered by her willingness to succumb to raw emotion and creative instinct. Using herself as a vehicle of visceral expression, she captures the most vulnerable and telling emotions we are capable of experiencing. Her body of work thus collectively lends to a universal articulation of human emotion, giving viewers visual platforms in which to engage on both personal and intimate levels.

Rimi often incorporates the image of the human form in her compositions, fashioning each image from her thoughts and visions. These figural studies are often characterized by expressive, gestural renderings set amid an abstracted background, capturing the spirit and energy of the human form.

Yang’s works are found in a number of notable private collections throughout North America, she has exhibited extensively in the United States, Denmark, Germany, China, Sweden, the UK and Canada.