Art Fairs

Sleepwalk, 2016
Fiona Ackerman
Oil and acrylic on canvas
66 x 54 in.

Toronto International Art Fair 2016 SOLO Booth
October 28th- October 31st, 2016

Winsor Gallery will be attending Art Toronto: Toronto International Art Fair. Please visit us at Booth #S10

Winsor Gallery is pleased to be presenting a solo exhibition featuring new paintings by Canadian artist Fiona Ackerman.

Fiona Ackerman

"Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed." - Francis Bacon, Novum Organum, 1602

A painting is a mirror of the natural world. Like an ecosystem, every element acts in relation to other elements, creating a unified whole. On canvas, this natural word takes the form of a garden, referring always beyond its enclosure. The garden is the site and symbol of our imagination. It is the breeding ground for our invention, where we harness the wild. Our mythologies make a utopia of the garden; our current environmental reality, a looming dystopia. These paintings imagine the future as a garden where artificial invention obeys the laws of an organism and the wild is tamed through reflection.

As a painter, Fiona Ackerman is continually reinventing the way she represents her wolrd, her environments and the places of her imagination. Exhibited across Canada and in Germany, her work is diverse in style and deeply rooted in the practice of painting. An ongoing exploration of artist studios as subject drew her away from abstraction and out of her Vancouver environment into the workspace of artists at home and abroad. Her current series explores "the garden" as a site of symbolic invention. A larger series of these works will be exhibited at Winsor Gallery in November 2016.