Art Fairs

Claire de Lune, 2016
Fiona Ackerman
Oil on canvas
40 x 30 in.

Fiona Ackerman : G L A S S L A N D S
November 26th - January 14th, 2017

Winsor Gallery is pleased to present Fiona Ackerman's newest body of work, GLASSLANDS. A selection from this series of paintings, oil and acrylic, debuted in a solo booth at Art Toronto 2016.

GLASSLANDS looks at the garden on canvas as a both site and symbol of imagination. The breeding ground for invention, where "we harness the wild and reinvent our world".

Inspired by Foucault's Heterotopia, these bold new paintings present the garden as a wholly imaginary and artificial construct, a re-writing of the wild through a process of exclusion and curation. She explains: "A garden is an outside place where the true wild is reflected but subversively controlled. Like the garden, the painting mirrors the natural world but also distrupts it. A successful painting acts as functioning organism. When a painting succeeds, a healthy eco-system prospers".

In an accompanying exhibition essay, UK academic Peter Johnson writes: "Fiona Ackerman makes a mirror box, an enclosure, a theatre, a distruption of images, as both an invention and exploration of gardens. Rather than the tradition of depicting gardens, bounded spaces, the canvasses embody the process of gardening, cultivating an impossible space: a medly of sculpted cut-outs, with branches, grasses, leaves entangled and entangling. The density of foliage is ceaselessly reflected and refracted in texture, colour, size and dimension to produce something that both a display and a performance. Am I in a glasshouse or outside? These inventions seem inbetween. I am positioned close-up as if I could reach inside or outside, but to get where?".