Art Fairs

The Fire Sermon, 2017
Jay Senetchko
Oil on canvas
72 x 96 in.

Jay Senetchko
The Course of a Distant Empire
November 23rd - January 20th, 2018

Winsor Gallery is pleased to announce the ehibition of Jay Senetchko's " The Course of a Distant Empire", opening November 23rd from 6-8 pm. The Course of a Distant Empire has its genesis in the theory of eternal recurrence. This philosophy maintains that time, space and reality are part of a recurring cycle, rather than a linear series of events with an eschatological end. In contrast to contemporary society's assumption of historical destiny, especially under the aegis of technological and scientific progress, this series views modern, as well as past, and potential future, societies as being moments in an unending cycle of development, stagnation, collapse and rebirth. Progress under this view is temporary, and oppositions only factors contributing to unification.