Paul Wong: the passionate spectator

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kevin Griffin for The Vancouver Sun: I found myself drawn into Solstice and its numerous narratives. The guy standing on the corner: what’s he doing? I thought to myself. His head swivels left to right, right to left, left to right. He’s scanning the landscape around him, looking for someone, something. Then he’s gone.

The same kind of thing happened over and over again in slightly different ways as I watched. Why are those two going behind the telephone pole? They’re trying to hide something, I bet. And what about the guy lying on the pavement behind the dumpster? What is he doing?

Solstice is constantly moving. Like the city, it literally never sleeps.

It’s one of Paul Wong‘s latest video works in an exhibition of several videos and neon works at Winsor Gallery.

Shot on the longest day of the year in available light, Solstice is 24 hours condensed into 24 minutes. It records a day in the life of Crack Alley, the back alley off of East Hastings behind Carnegie Centre known for its illicit drug deals and open drug use. The video is projected onto a free-standing wall so the image area is big enough at four metres by three to have a real presence in the gallery.

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