Attila Richard Lukacs on New Work & Old Gardens

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Noah Becker for Canadian Art: Recently, Attila Richard Lukacs debuted a strong new exhibition at Vancouver’s Winsor Gallery. The current body of work—a hybridization of abstraction, figuration and landscape—brings back traces of Lukacs’s earlier treatments while presenting something fresh. In this Vancouver studio interview with Noah Becker, Lukacs talks about gardens, Indian miniature painting, tantric methodology and more.

Noah Becker: In your new exhibition at Winsor Gallery, some of the works are landscapes that do not feature human figures, with water flowing through architectural formations. Other works show abstracted human forms, and gardens depicted with various mediums. How do you view the exhibition?

Attila Richard Lukacs: It’s a return to the gardens; the gardens were always a comfortable home for me as a painter. I also like how water developed as a theme in the work, and I carried it through. So when I look at these works, it really feels very new.

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