Alessandro Papetti Exhibition in Cape Town

Saturday, April 6, 2013

In this new series of large scale paintings, depicting industrial landscapes, interiors and human figures, Alessandro Papetti revisits subjects that are dear to him and through which he reveals, with his unique expressive force, his vision of the world.

Facing Papetti's works the viewer is confronted - through the powerful yet apparently effortless stroke of the artist brush - with poignant visions of abandoned industrial scenes where the shadows of long past activities are still faintly perceived among the rusting machinery, through dust and noises still not settled. The immense dockyards where great ships look like naked, gigantic Leviathans, with steel bones and hard skin. And when Papetti's eye lingers on human figures and austere Interiors,one hears lost voices, witnesses recreated gestures - the transient essence of life.

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