Colin Smith, Bradley Harms recipients of Cenovus Art Prize

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cenovus Energy Art Competition: Cenovus Energy today announced that Colin Smith of
Calgary won first place in a company-sponsored art competition designed to help raise the
profile of under-recognized artists in Alberta and Saskatchewan and to add works for display
in Cenovus offices. Smith received $12,000 for being selected first in the competition.
David Garneau of Regina won second spot in the competition, collecting $10,000, while third
place went to Calgary-based painter Brad Harms, who received $8,000. The prize amount
includes the purchase of the artwork.

“My entry is part of a series I’m doing focused on abandoned landscapes,” said Smith. “They
take a long time to produce, so it’s great to be recognized for my work. I’m honoured and very
appreciative of Cenovus as it’s challenging to make a living as an artist these days.”

Smith won for his work titled Seebee 2009, which used a technique known as camera obscura to
create a startling picture. Seebee 2009 features the view of a derelict room from an abandoned
building, combined with an inverted image of the exterior landscape.

Cenovus engaged art experts from Alberta and Saskatchewan to help design the competition and
identify the artists for it. Based on recommendations from these experts, 37 artists were entered
into the competition for judging by a separate panel comprised of five people well-known for
their knowledge and expertise in western Canadian art. The panel was made up of philanthropist
Ann McCaig and entrepreneur Brett Wilson, both of Calgary; Calgary-based Chris Cran, a senior
artist; Catherine Crowston, Executive Director of the Art Gallery of Alberta in Edmonton; and art
patron Lynda Haverstock, President & Chief Officer of Tourism Regina and the former lieutenant-governor of Saskatchewan.